We will be recording the news of some children every Monday morning.
We will be learning to make our news more interesting by
  • adding more detail
  • using an interesting voice
  • speaking clearly

25 October
Listen to Chloe, Helena, Sven, Josh, Rebecca, Claudia, Nikita and Amber

26 September
Listen to Oliver, Josh, Nicholas, Torin, Nikita, Hamish, Chloe and Helena

12 September
Listen to Charlie, Sven, Bailey, Amy, Helena and Josh
5 September
Listen to Aaron, Oliver, Hamish, Kane, Corban, Claudia, Rebecca and Olivia.
22 August
Listen to Oliver, Amy, Rebecca, Olivia, Sven, Charlie, Bailey and Aaron
15 August
Listen to Hamish, Hades, Torin, Jack, Aaron, Trent and Olivia

8 August
Listen to Nikita, Bailey, Ashlee, Claudia, Helena, Harrison, Sven and Josh
1 August
Listen to Rebecca, Oliver, Corban, Kane, Charlie, Viliami, Chloe and Amy

4 July
Listen to Amy, Corban, Oliver, Kane, Torin, Nicholas, Josh and Olivia
27 June
Listen to Chloe, Sven, Charlie, Nikita, Ashlee and Rebecca
20 June
Listen to Oliver, Hamish, Kane, Charlie, Chloe and Bryer

13 June
Listen to Rebecca, Sven, Olivia, Nikita, Ashlee and Amy

23 May
Listen to Ashlee, Amy, Bryer, Oliver and Hamish

16 May 2011
LIsten to Corban, Trent, Kane, Rebecca, Chloe, Michaela, Sven and Bryer

2 May 2011
Listen to Sven, Oliver, Harrison, Hamish, Nicholas and Chloe

4 April 2011

Listen to Harrison, Rebecca, Amy, Oliver, Chloe, Bryer, Kane and Charlie

21 February 2011

Listen to Nikita, Michaela, Olivia, Sven, Chloe and Rebecca

21 March

Listen to Sven, Oliver, Hamish, Charlie, Nicholas, Harrison, Bryer, Torin and Rebecca